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Creative Director and Designer of Seema M, Seema Makhani, was interested in arts, design and jewels from a very young age. She got attracted to the intricacies and craftsmanship that goes into the hand embroidery, which fuelled her passion for fashion. She went on to study Fashion from Mumbai and at the age of 19, opened her first Couture Bridal Label in India in 2006. Since starting her own studio, she has catered to a diverse clientele across India and abroad and also has had her designs stocked at some of the major multi designer stores. 

Seema M, the brand is a mélange of intricate embellishments, unique patterns, heritage precious and semi-precious natural stones, beads, Swaroski crystals and pearls that are quintessential to traditional Indian Bridal outfits and the contemporary feminine silhouettes that render individuality to modern Asian Bridal wear. Her designs are very unique, effortlessly stylish and yet rooted in Indian tradition.

Driven by her client’s vision, Seema has an eye for detail and an imagination that stirs up unique patterns of embroidery that are brought to life by the finest in-house karigars (embroidery artisans) and expert tailors. Each design is a personal expression of ideas and creativity, meticulously planned and put together - a complete work of creativity and immense love. 

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